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Liquified gas industry

Liquified gas industry

LNG / LPG industry specific requirements

The LNG composition is typically methane (CH4), and it is stored at -160°C in a large storage tank (several tens of thousands of m3). As this compound is very energetic, its protection requires special attention. The overpressures (due to temperature delta, for instance) that may occur during the loading/emptying of these tanks are usually managed by pressure relief valves.


Which fire extinguishing agent or system is required to protect your LNG installation?

The rollover phenomenon releases large quantities of gas through the valve over a short period of time. Ignition can occur at that moment. The best way to extinguish these "flares" is to use extinguishing powder GRANITO, directly injected into the valve outlet pipe. Ai Group has developed a specific system for these applications.

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