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Oil Industry

Oil Industry

On-shore and off-shore Oil industry

Petroleum industry processes many highly energetic compounds: petroleum, naphtha, oils... The various storage facilities used require numerous transhipments and transfers through a pipeline network (pumps, pipes, connections, valves, relief valves, etc.).

In this way, all breaches or leaks can cause spills and therefore have serious consequences in the form of an unintentional ignition.

Sparks formation by static charge, ignition of gas into the storage tank, lightning strike.


Protection & exctinction solutions dedicated to oil industry

Foam pourers and foam monitors provide optimum fire protection. The system generates a low-expansion foam which spreads the foam to the surface of the burning spill. The foam has an immediate cooling effect, suppresses the flames, prevents the appearance of a new fire by protecting the now extinguished area against re-ignition. In addition, with a flood system, the side walls of the surrounding storage tanks are cooled in parallel.

You have a project regarding fire protection and you are looking for a supplier with great expertise of industrial high-hazards? Do not hesitate to contact us  and one of our dedicated colleagues will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your request.
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