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Troubleshooting, spare parts, repair or maintenance, Ai Group is at your side to ensure the proper functioning of your fire protection system and extend the service life.


Extend the life of your installation and equipment.

Commissionning & Training

Ai Group provides the installation and commissioning of equipment delivered directly on site, anywhere in the world. We also provide training for your operators or team of external stakeholders to the proper use of our products and systems. You are thus guaranteed optimal operation of your fire protection system without risk of premature wear.

Repair & maintenance


Periodic checking, regular inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems are essential to maintain the efficiency, reliability and durability of fire protection systems.

Ai Group is able to intervene anywhere in France and abroad, on all types and configurations of installations, on an ad hoc or contract basis.

For all plant reference systems, we are able to carry out all commissioning and maintenance operations related to industrial fire protection installations.

  • Commissioning,
  • Reconditioning of pressure vessels,
  • USD fillers,
  • Foam concentrate test, powder test,
  • Repairs.

We also carry out regular and periodic maintenance operations:

  • Weekly tests of good operation of the systems.
  • Quarterly, semi-annual, annual controls of the systems.
  • Annual, triennial, five-year preventive maintenance of systems.

Our philosophy of maintenance is that it must be minimal. Maintenance is an extremely small part of our customers' costs thanks to:

  • The robustness of the materials we install
  • The experience of our staff
  • Our commercial maintenance policy, designed to listen as little as possible to our customers.

Retrofit & Spare Parts

For all equipment manufactured by Ai Group, we have a stock of spare parts, especially on the main wear parts. We are able to ship them quickly and anywhere in the world but also to repair your equipment directly in our workshops.

We also offer to upgrade your equipment and systems so that they are always compliant following the changes in the regulations, but also to make you benefit from the latest technological developments.

You have a project regarding fire protection and you are looking for a supplier with great expertise of industrial high-hazards? Do not hesitate to contact us  and one of our dedicated colleagues will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your request.